Au pair story time – the beginning

M et Tango, the family’s cats. Fortunately they were there for keeping company with me.

I don’t give up. I’ll carry on to write some articles in English until to succeed my exam. So, I ask again: If you are a native British or American speaker or bilingual, could you please correct me ? That could permit myslef to improve my level. Thank you.

Today, I want to tell you how was my first week as au pair in England. If you want to be an au pair, that could help to you, maybe. I arrived on May 11th around midnight at home, my new home for almost 6 months. I was tired, even I can say exhausted. Indeed, I cried a lot in the airplane when I was reading my dad’s and grandma letters and even before to get in the the aircraft.

The next morning, I woke up late, maybe 10ish. I had a busy day. Indeed, my host mon had to show me all the tasks what I had to do everyday, except the weekend of course. I worked from Monday to Friday included and I was free Saturday and Sunday. My salary was £80 a week, it was enough for me. I had to take care of one child and when she was at school, the house needed to be tidy, so it was not complicated.

In my host family, there were three children, but just the youngest needed an au pair. The older sister was kind but I never had a lot interactions with her. And the older brother, the oldest children of the brotherhood, was nice too, but too friendly with me sometimes. I felt a bit queasy. But that was two weeks after my arrival. Before, he acted normally with me. I never understood why.

Untill June, I was « alone » in the village. No another au pair, to my knowledge, no another person with who I could talk. My English didn’t improve, not really. Indeed, if you talk with a child and her parents not a long while the day, you can’t improve the practice of a language. I was sad and I felt alone, far away from every people what I like. But I met two French au pairs in my village. And from there my life has radically changed.

I’ll continue my story another time, I think it’s enough for today. Thanks for reading. If you want to help me, but you’re not good in english, you can share this article or like it or just post a comment. By the way, do you have questions about au pair life ? Or something else ? I clarify one thing: an au pair person can be a girl or a boy.

N.B: the bold words or expression are all those whom I didn’t know before.

First real article

Hello everyone! I hope everything is ok for you. I think some people already left this article when they saw the English words, and I can understand. But, that’s important for me to write in this language. If you are a native British / American speaker or bilingual, could you please correct me ? That could permit myslef to improve my level.

Actually, this blog doesn’t have a really aim, for the moment, so I seized the opportunity to practice the Shakespeare’s language. Indeed, for my studies, in business school, I need to pass an exam : TOEFL, maybe you know? Unfortunately, I tried and I failed it 4 times. I’m not pessimistic thus that’s fine but sometimes I wonder if I’m not silly. Sincerely, I want to pass it.

Last six months, I was an au pair in England, just to have a better speaking and listening. It was a fantastic experience even if my host family was awful with me. Yet, if I could change anything, I would change nothing. Thanks to that, I met extraordinary people: Spanish, Italian, English, German and French. They are my friends now, and I’m pretty sure they will be for a long time. Moreover, there, I met a English man, and this man became my boyfriend. Never, before my departure to be an au pair I could imagine something like that. In fact, I thought I was going to spend six months alone without friends.

I have a lot of stories about my journey there. And if you’re interested, I can tell you some significant moments, always in English, sorry. By the way, what do you think about this first article? Let me know with a comment. I’m sure you are able to understand my English, I’m not a native so my vocabulary is limited and I think everybody can succed to understand my article.

N.B: the bold words or expression are all those whom I didn’t know before.